REDD+ Training Begins

Today is the second day of Professional Training 2014 Program held by RCCC UI. Started from March 10, 2014, this training is the successor of last year training. The topics are still the same standard from previous training:

  1. Climate change 101
  2. Biodiversity monitoring
  3. Remote sensing
  4. Socio-cultural
  5. Natural resource economic
  6. Environmental law
  7. GIS
  8. Environmental business

The class of this year training program.

The whole training is designed to be accomplished within six weeks, accounting six active days in a week. Classroom training start from 8.00 until 16.00 whereas field studies will be conducted according to each trainer’s preferences. The interesting part starts when the time for field studies had come. Not only you will experience the practical use of class studies, also your skills and understanding of REDD+ will be likely to improved. Not to mention the chance to established more useful networks with other participants or trainer.

Although the training had just started, the registration is still open for you who interested in studying and applying REDD+ mechanism for future carbon-trade market. The minimum requirement is you hold bachelor degree(s) in any major. Contact for registration or you can visit here for information.


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