Climate Change Course 2015

It has been a long time since the last post was published. On this 2015 the agenda of climate change course continues, carried out by a collaboration from University of Indonesia (UI) and Columbia University. The course will be held on February until March 2015 and divided into eight topics, which are:

  1. The basic of climate change
  2. Forest and biodiversity survey and monitoring.
  3. Social and cultural aspect on forest utilization.
  4. Natural resources economic.
  5. The application of remote sensing on forestry.
  6. The application of geographic information system (GIS) on forestry.
  7. The law of environment.
  8. The business of environment.

All of the topics will be filled with experts from each fieldwork. Some of the topic also include outdoor activity, beside regular in-class course. The course will took place in UI campus, Indonesia.


SDSN WorkshopUnited Nation – Sustainable Development Solution Network, also known as SDSN for short, together with United in Diversity (UID) Foundation had established a regional workshop entitled Priorities and Pathways for Sustainable Energy and Deep Decarbonization in Indonesia. Spanning for two days on 26 – 27 November 2014, the workshop took place at Aryaduta Hotel in Jakarta. The aim was to bring together leaders from academia, public and private sectors, and civil society to discuss Indonesia’s energy needs and the demand for decarbonizing and, thereby, find ways to meet these challenges effectively. The main speakers include minister of finance, former ministers of Indonesia, governor of Jakarta, scientists from Indonesia and Australia, World Bank group, and also international CEOs and NGO leaders.

Berwisata Alam di Taman NasionalFinally, the book Berwisata Alam di Taman Nasional (Nature Recreation at National Park) has been finished and published this September by Yayasan Obor Indonesia publishing. The launching ceremony took place at University of Indonesia on September 5th, 2014 along with the presence of its author and Dr. Chris Margules from James Cook University, Australia. The launching ceremony was attended by representative fromĀ  Ministry of Forestry RI, Ministry of Research and Technology RI, various academic institutions, and also NGO such as Conservation International. Continue reading

Starting now, you can access articles which had been published in various scientific journals. The menu is on the left side. The articles are free to download but please don’t utilize it for commercial use.

When it comes to global warming, Indonesia is among the most vulnerable places on earth and at the same time, among a few outstanding states in the world today that are able to make a difference on a global scale. — Jostein Gaarder